Nothing Exciting.

I was looking up wierd experiences and happened to find this site. To tell you the truth i was just bored. I happen to enjoy listening to others stories andi definatley have a few of my own. This looks like my kind of place!! Anyway I now have no idea what to type....

GothicAngel96 GothicAngel96
2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

*lol* L.o.t.A., very good advice. Definitely do not develop EPfriends, it all gets way too serious, and you get addicted. Don't make up nonsense, noone will belive it, and they'll wonder why you bothered using an anonymous site in the first place. I couldn't agree more about appearing very old, try using a pic of a 1900's gentleman as your avatar!haha... people actually do that and it works ok, they say. Brush teeth 3 times a day and don't drink coffee or smoke anything. Do stay on EP, DO keep writing. Join a few groups (like up to 100 in my opinion) that you find on people's profiles, then you can see stuff happening on the site while you're writing your first stories. :)

type about destruction, mayhem, chaos, and sorrow. Do not develop cyber-friends. Oh yea, also make up nonsense to screw with people. Always say you are 100 years old. Don't take candy from strangers. Don't wear sailor suits. DOn't go bald. Brush teeth twice a day. Avoid the "I can type more fancy then you" or the " I am omniscient wisdom" wars on EP (these wars happen but are not spoken as such). Also, deodorant is your friend. BAM! (I bet you didn't see that comin' eh?)