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looking for some friends who don't live life to the norm.... I love life, but people in my life seems to to drain me of all my energy, how can I gain it back, how can I love them and love me more.

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41-45, F
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Hello! A'men; whenever you come to the understanding that you can't make everybody happy without self happy first . The rest shall followed.He is the light of the world and if you keep Him at the head of your life who can stand against you . A'men. Thy Brother

Hi mslaurie!! Welcome to Experience Project. We are all here for different reasons so come on and just jump in anywhere. There are groups for everything imaginable. Tell us a little about yourself. Hope to see a story by you soon.

In this place, you will find all kinds of people. We are all ready to welcome you here. Just jump in, read some stories, write some of your own, and you will meet a lot of really nice people.