Life As a Senior

someone told me about this site,i am 81 years young.semi shut in.body giving out (some) brain still ticking with son and wife,dont go out much,it is okay,read a lot,sew.needlecraft etc,reading is the best,also use my pc as link to the world.a great love for my God,He is my friend ,makes my life a joy,learn from experiences,Absolutely will not let the devil steal my joy.worked until i was 73.Just enjoy life as an ole until 4.sleep in,take naps when i want to,sit in the sun,pet my pets.When life goes sour,i pray my way back,Lost my love years ago,no one can replace him,lots of offspring out there,in my prayers,apron strings cut eons ago.we only pass thru this life once,Grateful for each day,yet fear not death,as it will bea new life for me.If this be a test for admission,pray i pass

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Loved the simplicity and sincerity of this story! So happy to meet you.<br />
<br />
God Bless!

I enjoyed reading your story . I hope you are enjoying EPa - I find it a loving community

I loved this story! I find it very inspiring! I oft feel sad at the turns life has taken me but I now know that it is just the way of life; God gives us trials and tribulations to hone and temper us so that He can give us what we need and bring us into His perfect world! How awesome is that! He loved us so much that he sent HIS son to die on the cross for our sins; Jesus knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb and he knew each and every sin and despicable thing we would do AND STILL HE LOVED US ENOUGH TO DIE FOR US! I love Him so much! Dont you?

I am delighted to find you here - sharing who you are - inspiring all of us with your courage and faith. Wish to invite you to join my circle of friends if I can figure out how to do it. I am new here as well - just joined a week ago.

Happy you are here! <br />
There are so many really good people in the world, but we always hear about the negatives before the positives.<br />
Looking forward to sharing some hopeful stories with you. If you click on the names over the little log pictures, you can see our profiles and our stories.. it takes awhile to get use to EP, really easy to navigate around ... some topics are more popular than others, but there are many blessings going back and forth across the globe on EP<br />
Blessings Always

welcome, ur story is inspiring

I am favorite movie is really an oldie,Can you believe 'GONE WITH THE WIND'?i was sooo young.The color amazed me.Plus a glimpse into history.And the costumes!!I have always loved "clothes" still do at my age.And i wasnt too young to enjoy the wiles of Clark Gable,In later years i read he has false teeth and bad breathe,What a letdown,Better some stuff left to the imagination.

Glad you could join us here, hope you have fun...ENJOY ! :)

Great to have you on here ......... Tell me whats your favorite movie ..... and why : -)