Pregnant and He's Getting Deployed....

im new here and i figured this might be a place where people are going thru the same things i soldier has been gone for 3 months doin his pre-deployment training and i am five months pregnant and he deploys before the baby is born i dont kno exactly how to feel about any of this...

Renegarswife Renegarswife
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Im in the same boat ( kinda ) my boyfriend was deployed 5 weeks ago and I found out i was pregnant, two weeks ago i told him and his over the moon he can't wait, were going to get married when his back in April so i can move to his base in catterick uk so we can all be a family, i love him with all my heart and I no he loves me but its a big change moving away from family and friends to be alone when his deployed again, I no it will be hard but I guess that's what makes us army spouse so strong! Stay strong, if you need to talk im here.. Xx ps. I also get worried that he is going to miss so much but just remember you will be looked after all the time if its not by him it will be by people close to him and family xxx

sorry 2 hear that, but he will have something 2 look forward 2 when its time for him 2 come home. hang in there and best wishes 2 u