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Hello everyone, I'm a follower of CHRIST JESUS, a wife to a wonderful man of GOD, mother of seven awesome children, and finally  I do a home business I am new to this site and would love to share my life experiences with others. I believe the LORD blesses us with certain experiences, testimonies to share with people. The main reason is to encourage, then strengthen, also and maybe for correction. To encourage, because LORD wants all HIS creation to know HIM in an intimate way, to strengthen so people will know their ultimate strength comes from HIM, and correction, because people tend to forget about HIS ever presents. In this way a testimony may allow them to remind them self that HE is present, and wants very much to be involved in our lives. I love to share about the goodness of GOD no matter the situation the LORD has taught me to recognize HIM in it. For now I will share how grateful I am to GOD for my family, my husband is truly a GOD send. He has a sincere love for GOD, and in turn he loves me with the extention of that love. Sure he makes mistakes, but he's humbly ready and willing to admit to them. He's a great father who loves our children, and get this he likes, and loves spending time with them. I say this because to often (especially now days) parents push their children off on the TV, Internet, video games, etc... Basically anything that frees them from actually getting to know their child this is very sad to me. Children are such a blessing, and we can learn so much from them. Our children all have their own personality their own fresh way they contribute to the love in our home. We strive as parents to be here for them. This is why we started a home business, and continue to get involved with opportunities that will allow us to be here for them, and for each other, instead of turning around one day and not knowing who they are, or who we are, as husband and wife. Well that's me for now I look forward to sharing more and getting to others, may this "about me" bless all who read it.

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God Bless you and your wonderful family! I love the Lord also and I practically feel the same way you do, I am married with 4 grown children, 1 grandson and my husband loves the Lord and he believes in family....I pray we can become friends!

thank you so much:)

Bless, I am glad you found Ep. x