Oh Drabble!

So i have been at a company for almost 6 months now and am realizing talking on a phone all day long just might not be the job for me. But the bad part is that with our economy and all of the job issues in our country right now i would probably be better off to go back to Ireland and live there again. Japan is my second option.

Now at the same time of my realization i began to think about future possibilities for getting out of my current lifestyle, job, situation,etc. The more possibilitiesi process the more issues i come across. for every direction i look to go there is either a financial, family, friend, or educational block. i look for the resolutions and find them, then i attempt to implament then i always $%^& it up some how. I have pretty much always been the "go to guy" (per people who knew me in the military) now i am more so wanting to be the invisible guy that no one notices.

if i was not the "go to guy" at my current guy i probably wouldn't Hate it as much as i do. i retain so much info people just wont leave me alone. even if i play dumb and say i dont know, they keep asking.

Anyway, like the website and find everyone on here to be very interesting. Thanks for reading.

wooz wooz
22-25, M
Feb 25, 2009