married 17 yrs. I/we fantasize a mmf *********. I had a ffm 3some with my wife & her bf when Iwas 14. we married in 1991 & have been faithfuly so. We have enjoyed sex toys in many ways on each other & she is gr8 in bed. She LOVES sex,& fullfilling my fantasys.I njoy using huge ****** on her,& having her use an average size one on me sometimes.We have been roll playing with our dongs for a few yrs now & enjoy **** together.We are interested in new experiences now with others.Iwant to watch her have sex with a woman & then a friend of mine. She wants to,but has some reservation about it. Out of fear that it may cause problems. I want us to exp. it. I think that would spice our sex life tremendously & stories I've read & heard confirm it. I think she's concerned that she'll be looked at as a ****. I see it as meaningles sex with a friend. It really turns me on thinking about it. We are taking a long time friend of mine out Friday to see if we/she looses this inhabition after a few drinks & special attention. I want to see & hear her enjoy me & him making er have multiple *******. I also want him to exp. fantasies he has. But make it clear that she's mine. I'm just sharing her for our fantasies. we'll just go out & c what happens. Maybe we'll a'll 3 have a great time. I've been wanting this 4 a few yrs. I'll share what happens in a few days. I'm open for advice from anyone who has had an exp like this.

mfmfantasy mfmfantasy
Feb 25, 2009