Dream Interpritation?

I am interested in any input on a dream that I had last night that has remained vivid all day.  First I felt actually present in the dream walking along a concrete path with grass and trees along the sides. And there among others stood my father (deceased almost 2years), looking wonderful and about half his age, he was very upbeat and positive; giving me words of encouragement. I thanked him and walked on to the house ahead of me. As i went up the steps I decided to turnaround and sit down on the porch and admire the view.  There was a tree not too far from the steps and the next thing I know there were two deer running around frolicking and very playful, it was awesome to watch. The one was a young buck and the other a doe, it was the doe who came up to me and licked my hand and then the buck came up and licked my cheek and as quick as they came they were gone.

1 Response Feb 26, 2009

What is a buck ? A male deer ?<br />
Could this have to do with a relationship ? You and your partner ?<br />
<br />
It seems like a very nice dream...