Please, someone give me reasons to live. I've ran out... And I don't want to live alone anymore.
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Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

This problem seems very permanent to me /:

What's the problem you're having

Ohhhh goodness... Just me and my life /:

It couldn't be that bad

Well, I'm naturally a depressed person that actually has been diagnosed at age 6 and again at 16. Any friend I've made has left me, except 2. None of my "friends" haven't tried to even text me, let alone hang out /: and all I really need is just someone to talk to I guess. Even if I'm still depressed, talking about anything usually gives me the strength to keep going. Oh and I'm not college material so I have no future career... Just everything

Not true my mom quit in 8th grade to raise me and my twin and she's a dish cleaner and my dad lives in austrailia for work so my mom gotta job and she never got a big education

Thanks, talk later. Btw cold sores are jut herpes type one. Everyone has it (: type two is the one you want to worry about

Ok bye

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Sorry just saw your age 16/17 it will past what he said is right good luck

**** I feel that way every day did the same carp he sent you work good

Hey did you get an answer are you still alive

I'm still here

the reason is to live is its better than the alternative. and remember the
depression you have now will pass, maybe you'll need medicine, maybe not. but it will pass. don't ever hurt yourself you are God's creation. and I'm not pushing the Lord on anyone, but when I get like you at the end people tell me pray. so I do. and someone or spirit hears me. joanne I have a husband and he is a nice man, but I'm alone 90% of the time. Just start writing about yourself on this machine and people will write you and share their feelings.

Thank you