Well, hello there. Might as well introduce myself around here (although I highly doubt anyone reads through all of these introductions.)

Let's start off with why I joined this community: I joined this place just to have a "home" of sorts where I can be myself, as strange as it sounds. However, *I want to stay completely anonymous to every person I meet here.*
-Why? Well, mostly because I want to feel -relaxed,- and knowing that I'm completely anonymous will probably help out a lot (why? Well, frankly, I'm not 100% sure myself; although I can assure you that I am as big of a deal as you are, so don't go thinking I'm some celebrity hiding here :p) However, I will willingly answer any questions you throw at me (unless you want to see a picture of me, or if they're just perverted.)

Enough about that; my hobbies include: drawing (a lot,) and writing (when I feel up to it,) and that's about it. I do a lot of other things (like listening to music, surfing on the web, doing extra homework etc,) but they aren't significant enough to be called hobbies

Personally, I am very sarcastic at times, and I do offend people sometimes without realizing it (if that happens; my apologies.) However, I do try my best 90% of the time to be polite towards other people (even if they're complete a-holes.) Honestly, there's not much else to tell.
(Pft, I feel like I seem like such a fancy-pants after re-reading that. Oh well.)

Uh, yeah. I better end this now before it gets too long.

Il looking forward to spending my time here. ^^
xRikku xRikku
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