Hi, well lets start with saying that im from Sweden so all of you grammar nazis out there need to chill if im Spelling wrong. You might Think: Why is there a Swedish girl on an american/English site? Well ive been trying to make friends thru a Swedish site but Swedish guys are a just pain sometimes. They are the reason i became anorexic. They never called me anything cause i am not fat and i never showed my Picture. I was normal. A happy blond kid. Then i saw what they where saying to other Swedish girl on that site. Like: Usch fy fan vilken jävla fetto! (Ew what a fat b1tch) And i started thinking and let my mind drown me. I am a prisoner in my own head. The only thing i can do is sit back and cry trying to fight this. Following pro anas at 1nstagr2m. I just wanna meet that perfect someone that going thru somethings like that. You know. Cutting, suicadal, depressed like me. So i can share my summetime sadness with someone. Being hold. Being loved. But that is everyones Dream isent it? Never gonna happen anytime soon i guess. I gotta go to bed so maybe i will Wake up to the hate comments. Bye.
BrightHate BrightHate
16-17, F
Aug 17, 2014