I hate my f****** life right now .
Everyone is against me.
Just because I'm the smallest in the house, everyone is leaving me out and literally throwing my stuff everywhere like I don't exist. Giving my old room to my brother... And he doesn't even let a single book of mines to be left in that room.

Just because my older sister has to live with us now, I have to share a room with her..
And I have NO personal space.

And today as soon as I woke up.
Everyone is started with me and yelling ....
I haven't even eaten breakfast yet and I had to take all my stuff out of my own room... Just so my brother can have it.

I thought my dad loved me (cuz I kno my mom definitely doesn't cuz I'm always daddy's girl) but Bcuz of my brother now even my dad is yelling at me too.

Been crying all that time ever since I woke up.
No one gives a fu** .

They just called me to eat lunch (and tht was my dad who called me to eat lunch 2 times but in a yelling sort of way) other than that no one cares. And while my dad was calling me to come eat... My moms like "forget her, she'll eat of she wants to" ......

Stupid piece of crap *^%+^>€+^+ life.....
Amyyy000 Amyyy000
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014