I don't know exactly how to start something like this, this is my first time posting and will definitely be the first time I can share the actual truth instead of silently being proud of my evil actions. I am 22 years old, I am a very good looking girl, I use this to my advantage, I seduce people to get what I want, d oesn't usually fail, male or female, ages 16-60, I live with my boyfriend of 2 years, he is very weak minded, extremely easy to manipulate and trick, typical pushover. I have stolen so.much.money from him, to pay for my drug problem. He practically asks for it to happen, I don't usually get caught, but when I do every time he says it's my last chance, yet any time I try to pack my **** and go he cries so pathetically and begs me to not leave him, he knows I'm a sociopath, idk why he bothers, I have never shown him an ounce of empathy, so I stay, because it's free food shower bed.I have been having an affair with my married 39 year old boss, I wonder if I like the adrenaline rush I get more than the sex sometimes.I've also cheated with a few others but they were one night stands, nothing like my affair. Ihate my mother, for many very good reasons, I feel as if one day, possibly soon, she will push me over the edge and I will light her room on fire, starting with the exits so she can't escape. I fantasize about the look on her face and seeing what she would do, and how she would look with her shin melting off her face, I just giggled out loud actually. I'm in the process of getting my assistant manager with a2 year old fired so I can take her job. But she ****** with me, I'm just teaching get a lesson, at least ilk have the satisfaction of knowing how it really went down :) well, until next time ...
dowhatyougotta dowhatyougotta
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014