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I am currently in an 8 1/2 yr relationship. I have a nice enough boyfriend. He's a "typical" guy. Never notices anything nice I do, puts last on his agenda, etc. Saying "I love you" used to feel empty now it's hard to even say it to him. We've lived together for 4 yrs. What would you do in this situation?

Maverothika Maverothika
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

if its only been 4 years and already he is acting this way it will get worse once you marry him so have a talk with him tell him how you feel and if he doesnt change then keep it moving there are other guys out there that wiil appreaciate you dont settle for less belive me i speak from experience.

not 4 years 8 years so same advice!!!!!!!

Thanks for your advice, but, for example, when he leaves for work and he says to me "I love you", should I just hug him?Won't he get offended? <br />
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Thank you

I am a guy and I know that we guys just ask for little stuff that show how much you care about us. so instead of saying I love u try hugging him and mean it he'll feel what you mean. maybe he's got some stuff on his mind blocking him from being in tune with u. so keep in mind that usually simple things can make a huge difference. <br><br />
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get him a little gift that would mean to him... I dunno exactly just use a little imagination and all the things u know about him(likes, dislikes. hobbies,...) to revive that relation and get out of routine ...<br><br />
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