I see you staring from across the store. Shopping for the weeks groceries. I make my way towards you. I follow you into an isle. You look back a shoot a flirty smile. This store is never busy, especially near the back on the store. I check you out from the end of the isle, you turn back and catch me. Again you smile. As I inch closer to you, you feel my presence around you. I rub my finger tips on your back, you tens up. You turn your head to look back at me as I ease my hand lower to your hips, as you ease your body. I rub your behind then cup it and grab it with a firm squeeze. You lean your head back with pleaser as I start to suck on your neck. You turn around, our lips lock while out tongues feel each others heat. My hand wonders lower between your legs. I again suck your neck as my hand rubs between your legs. 'Mmm follow me now!'
We make our way to the closest back room..
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this is my first time on a "project" like this... and I am not sure what to expect

A very sexy story and a very erotic way of making a woman tingle just reading it I like it

omg after reading this again my hot ***** is tingling and getting wet inside my tight Hollister jeans I can picture myself being seduced and being helpless very sexy scenario


I think I met you at the broken biscuit counter at Woolworths 1976, whoops, what's that ? you weren't born then ? 😜 Thank you for your lovely message too, but I have stuff in my fridge older than you,x

lol that made me laugh out loud... so funny

I changed my profile pic to a landscape view it has defiantly reduced traffic of noggins seeking romance ha ha