MEN, BOYS, males. I call all of you to help a girl out, please.

Me and my ex were on and off for a few months. He left the country to visit family for a month but while he was away he wanted to keep talking everyday we'd say I miss you. Good morning/goodnight talked non stop he said he wanted to talk about "us" our "relationship" when he got back. He wanted to get back and take things slow so I was expecting that. Then one day idk we fought. (And I'm so sick of fighting so Is he I can tell) so we just cut eachother out.

He started posting pictures with girls on Instagram WEARING THE MOTHER FRIGGEN shirt I bought him and captioning "if I had a chance." I asked if he had plans wit any girls when he got back he said ya he did but it was just to "blaze." Which I don't do. Anymore atleast. And now he's back and we still haven't spoken.

He posted anther video of a girl recording him do the ice bucket challenge and at the end of the video you can hear them laughing together and I know it's my fault for creeping but holy **** I feel so easily replaced and for some reason, unworthy. Not good just flat out ******.

S H I T T Y Is how I'm feeling.
He has so many damn girls
Left to right. Ya some boys may salute him but damn not even 2 weeks ago we were saying I miss you I love u I wanna get back then he switches off and has so many girls like wut..
Anyway. Whys he being like that. Did he actually move on with himself, is he trying to? Is he just your average player? Is he rebounding girls to fill the void?
What the hell

Help meeeee pls
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May be you should ask him those questions? But I see you posted this a couple months ago..