Im a Waste

Where do I start? most of my life ive been told I'm a waste my parents, friends,& teachers, so it has become who I am tattooed in my soul, my mind my being. There are few people in my life, out of them even less that truly like me  I mean I don't even like myself so how can I expect others to like me. I think about death all day why live for what ? there is nothing out there for me I'm just taking up space and air. Im ugly, stupid, a turn off to women unliked by most. Things are just so hard for me  I mean  they always have been but now even worse  I just dont want to fight this battle any more I GIVE UP!!  I cant and dont want to do it any more , for what to keep going through the same crap day after day week after week? its just not worth it anymore. Anyway if anyone took the time to read this thanks and im sorry to have wasted your time. Best of luck to you in your battle

wasteoflife wasteoflife
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

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Life is hard to say the least and to have everyone against you makes it even harder. I don't understand why people are that way because if you tell someone constantly they are unworthy they begin to believe it. I was told by a therapist at one time to rethink my friends and surround myself with positive people instead of negative ones. I don't know your age or if that is possible for you but you can't let other people ruin your life. I have always been told I was created by God and God doesn't make junk maybe just a work in process.