Okay , I've been at my current job for about 2 months (I work at Starbucks ). I still have social anxiety. I don't really conversate with my co workers as much....I'm the youngest one there. Everyone talks to each other & has fun outgoing personalities & I'm shy, I don't start the convo ...if someone talks to me I will easily respond &. I always smile ....but I do have a low self esteem , I also feel left out a lot . When there's 3 of us I'm always the one not involved in the conversation if I say something sometimes it goes ignored .....so that's why I just keep quiet to avoid embarrassment or being ignored, although I Do talk quiet. Everyone (even customers,) love certain employees & even I look at some of my co workers wishing I had the confident fun personality they did.....I have no friends , and I don't have a lot of family ...I've overcome so much in my life and I'm still trying to figure out who I am. & get over my self-esteem issues. I just hate living like this. I'm afraid of the world. Ashamed of myself. It's like I'm not even my own person because I'm too worried about what everyone else is thinking about me. As a child I was abused by my parents & throughout middle school & high school people where mean and I devolped a low self esteem and anxiety with life expierences, I just don't know how to overcome this.
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Theres nothing wrong with being quiet when your the newer one or youngest in the group or at anytime. Maybe you have nothing to say- dont force it. If you want you can find online info and videos with ideas on how to start and carry on a conversation. Start small.

Maybe the people at work have a clique and are not socially polite enough to see that they are leaving you out. When i work in a group im attuned to that and try to include anyone whose left out. So dont think they are so much more socially capable than you. You're ok. Be yourself. Dont try to be like anyone else.