I live in the uk and have experienced this twice now first about 4 years ago and one last night
as I was driving home from work I kept seeing about 6 circles of lights in the sky following my car , at first I thought this was a plane light or the air field I have just passed but the light kept up with the speed of my car I started driving fast about 60 mph then the light kept up and after about 20 miles away from the air field I realised this was no plane light as I have seen this 4 years ago but this time I was driving , I pulled over to the side the light stops following me I checked my whole car to make sure there were no light being reflected from my car , but there wasn't. I took my phone out to record this but then it stopped and disappeared . this was so wired as at one point the light was following me it looked like there was a massive ball of light that looked like it wanted to come out of the cloud as it was night I can see the cloud slice open by this ray of light but defiantly not a plane light cause the movement was really free flowing and no boundaries to direction just keeping up with me . I don't really tell any one tis as I don't want people to think am loosing my mind lol
has any one experienced this sort of thing?
gingerbreadboy32 gingerbreadboy32
31-35, M
Aug 22, 2014