To finish my post, my grandmother' was controlling and could be harsh. Me aunt said that she was never like that when she raised them. You see that's what I'm talking about! I mean someone's nature just changed when I came in to the picture. My life is a saga, I am Murphy's clone! To wrap it up, a lighter side of the weirdness that is me: My first date was becoming a priest,u second was forced to break up with me because his parents did not like that I was not the same race as they were, my third left me for a guy (this guy convinced him that he must be gay because of his sensitive demeanor!, Really?), the next one was unbeknownst to
Me dating a guy while he was with me, seriously I could go on, but I'll leave it one can only laugh so long before they need to breathe.
tae55 tae55
56-60, F
Aug 22, 2014