Floating In Space All Alone

my family is so screwed from my alcoholic bro to my pill addicted sis, to my other older pill addicted sis who just died at 46, 7 weeks ago from a heart attack induced by drug use, to my mom who lost my dad 4 years ago after 48 years of marriage, and who is 62 and of her 3 children left, i am oldest now, in a bad abusive marriage i cant seem to get out of, and my bro is dying from alcholism caused irreversible heart damage, and my youngest sib, little sis is addicted to vicodin and slowly, or actually maybe not so slowly killing herself. and my 62 year old mom is having to deal with all of this. I think that is what has me finally thinking divorce.

carolellen66 carolellen66
Mar 3, 2009