Need a Friend

I dont really have a story I just need someone to talk with, someone i can tell how im feeling. i have no friends to lean to so im kinda all bottled up & soon im gonna burst. I feel so alone in the world. I have alot of stress, alot of anger, & im so depressed on how i look. Im not suicidal that is far from what im feeling. Im just feel alone. I have a mother but we dont get along as much she doesnt agree on the things i choose for life, which is understandable she is a strict catholic woman but means well. My siblings was never close. I just typed in google someone to talk with & this was the first sight i seen i hope this is a lagit sight. dont like to give out too much info but im in need of  a friend.

bgfttby bgfttby
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

welcome, im sure there are ppl here who share ur feelings.<br />
<br />
best wishes 2 u