Seriously?! Some people just don't know how to approach this website and treat it as a dating site or a place to talk to people with TONS of sexual interest, it's annoying!

and it's funny how a person tries to argue with you about something but when you check their profile they are in room to talk about anyone, yet it is amusing lol :)
PetiteChica PetiteChica
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why do you love to wear sexy frilly girly panties?

I like cute and sexy undies? lol

omg i cannot look at a woman in those something humiliating always happens to me. Even if i saw a picture of the panties it would happen

I mean not those ugly frilly panties. the cute undies you see today

i don't see the ones today because if i do i will lose control. Like I say even if i saw a picture i would love control


add me as a friend if it is ok we can chat more. Do you have a picture? I mean a clothed one I am not asking for dirty pictures I don't do that

I already added you.

Oh ok sorry

so have you ever teased or flashed guys in public when you have worn sexy panties??


would you if you could?

I'm not a loose woman...

that does not mean you are a loose woman. What do you think of guys who cheat and abuse women and what should be done with them?

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