Hello Everyone! Thank you for all the hearts and messages! Please give me some time to get used to the site! :P
I'm a slow learner.
FYI my story is sad. I'm telling now not to repeat it to everyone :)
I'm from a family of 3 children. 3 girls. I am a lesbian. I was hiding that from my family. When they got to know everyone ignored me and hurt me real bad! Even my very own sisters, parents and even my best friend! Thats when i met kumar at a class. He told me about EP. Now im away from my family. They sent me to a boarding school where i dont have any freedom. Living like a prisoner! Like others i too love to share pics and go out with friends! But i cant. I dont have a phone, no camera, no computer! I get to use the pc only when i goto Uni. My new friends allow me to use it in their phone. I hope you understand me. I talk to men, not that i hate them, but i prefer girls more! Love all of you
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im sorry that your parents don't accept it i m lucky i guess i live with my g/frind in my parents house we r in 2014 im just glad my parents went with the time s

Welcome to EP nikkyF90 [:

I don't really don't know what to say about your situation but i hope it gets better. What they've done to you is horrible but only temporary.

They are your family they'll come around. At least now you can find a new and not homophobic best friend.

I hope you'll feel just a bit at ease here. PM me anytime.


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