How I Survived

I Am a new member at Experience project and I would like very much to share my unbelievable and incredibly deadly yet more real than paying taxes but, a most sad story of how I entered a life so oblivious to most mankind yet so powerful and dangerous and deadly and although the average man would never truly get to know this world and it's way of life, it's leaders run & control  your town or city of residence and rules even the average mans life without him realizing it. It's called "the underworld" and this is my true life story of how I become apart of this world and all the horrible experiences I suffered and endured and made sure to survive, this world of different ways and rules and of doing things to the normal way of life. This is my story of overcoming the worst life experiences and unbelievable hurt and anger and of surviving threw it all making sure I kept myself alive, this is my true life story of being one of the very, very few and rare people that enters this world of crime, drugs , gangs , cruelty and killing like another mans life has no value, and by God's grace not only kept alive but threw a desire to get out and be given a new life literally , a blessed chance and miracle from the Lord Above to have normal life. This is my story of how I got in ,survived and then got out alive and given one chance only to have a new life , a normal life to be given the blessed opportunity to be able to allow myself to let my heart feel again and to start trusting people again and not be afraid and alert to what their real attentions are for being nice or kind to me. This will be my true story of how I survived and got out, and now for the first time in awfully long time I'm able to talk and share my story with others apart from back then while fighting to survive and get out. To by some huge and most precious miracle and blessing by My Father The Lord Jesus and a handle full of very brave, caring and dedicated police man I not only survived this "underworld" with it's crime and gangs and it's gang wars and of the man who you believed to be in your "camp" as called in their duologue but what you would call gang or mafia, betraying you and being the 1person you believed you could trust and then experiencing that partner's betrayal in worst way's thinkable and most times the betrayal would have a murder to it. This is how I survived.  This will be a story none of you my new friends will forget for along time to come. (I shall continue tomorrow as it's rather late here in Cape Town, South Africa, till tomorrow then in the meantime if interested and wanting to gain some form of knowledge of this world and it's players please go to you tube and search the  cape flats and prison 26, 27 , 28 number gangs and their gang bosses IE' Igshaan Davids aka Sani the American note that this is accruing in South Africa.

Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you and the world my story and I hope that once told finished it will have made a difference and brought a understanding to some and therefor be a warning taken by those who will be following my (at times will seem very unreal and you might even think that it is being fabricated by my over imagination but, I swear on all I love and hold dear it is all true and did without any doubt accrue and in fact I will probable be telling certain events much more calm and not as horrible as they truly had been then.)story. If I will safe one life from this life "the underworld" then I believe that my experiences and my time spend and wasted away in it was worth very sad and scary moment of it. To be continued tomorrow Stralexis.

stralexis stralexis
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2009