Ma Fantacy

wel the only wish or thing which fancy me is to watch ma wife having sex with other man or men .with me or me watching doesnt make difference,some time ma fantacy goes ma wife with other woman,which we act out,she been active with other girl infront of me,and me watching and getting horny,but when it comes to other man she ma wife dont even want to talk about it.we do play role playing during love making often.and i always love to be some one she wants to make love with i really enjoy acting it out ,who and whom she fanticise i dont think its important,its a real fun yes i like it and would love to go more far to make this happn.even some time i wish she had some thing to share like some old sexual memories from her past but she dont have any thing special other then few before teen kiddish stuff but this thind ecites me too.i am the first and last man in ma spouses life.

Xrated Xrated
Mar 8, 2009