Me and my cousin were talking and we just decided there are hardly any good sugar daddy or daddy doms,
That is quite depressing
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well now you have found one so step up and lets start something

i can't message you so if you and your cousin (if female) want a daddy message me

you just aren't looking in the right places...check me out here or on fetlife

just so you know this very good DD can't message you until you bring me into your circle

well you both are very wrong, *** talk with me

Add me please cant message You

Hi There add me please !

Add me please cant message you

Hello... I'm a kinky British Dom. I think we should chat

says who,lol

When am I going to meet your cousin?

Are you looking for a daddy

hi baby id love to be a dom daddy with you, you sound like a sexy and fun girl. add me and we can chat

Add me please

Let's talk:)

Add me pls

Add me pls

sure there're not looking.

It depends on what you mean by "good". It is for the slave to meet her Master's expectations, not the other way round.

how hard have you looked

wishing I were sweet ~ so I'd have enough sugar................

Where? In RL or on EP?

Hmmm think you found one here, why don't you add me and we will go from there :)

Let's talk

hi msg me