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Love this picture its pure awesome

I am pure awesome

I see that!! And beautiful

Thank you! I don't believe I am for reasons I cannot explain. I have un fixable problems so yeah

Well I think we all have self confidence issues to some extent and are always the quickest to be way to hard on ourselves its just human nature but you just have to remain confident and keep moving forward in life...p.s. You may not see it but I see a beautiful young lady who I'm sure has a amazing life ahead of her still

I know we all have these issues but I have proven psychological problems wrong with me. Such as Bi polar disorder, ADD, depression.. Etc. on top if that I have suicidal thoughts or actions.. Plus I was bullied and still am bullied since as long as I can remember... Leaving my self confidence to be shot to hell and my self conscious to skyrocket...
In short I'm just a ****** up teenager waiting with the rest of mankind, those members of the species I cannot help because they are oblivious to their un inevitable destruction and I am not oblivious to my destruction I in fact wish it would happen sooner for all of us...

Well many people battle those issues everyday and still move forward although many times it doesn't seem worth trust me ik but as crazy as it sounds the older you get and more in control of your life and circumstances you get the less terrible it seems and the best thing to do in the mean time is try and surround yourself with people who genuinely care and yes those people are extremely hard to find!! And realize that the people that bully you almost always do so because there is a lack of something worthwhile I. There life that they feel you have better then them seem like a nice girl and I think you will make it through all of it because no matter how much life beats you down in the end you just come out strong get and the wiser for it

But I do truly think that is a beautiful picture of you that you look beautiful in


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