Please Help Me If You Can

Itstarted about 10 years ago. I was in my early 50's. I have worked hard all my life. I am a mechanic and restore classic cars. I managed to put my wife and 2 kids through college and pay off my home 10 years early.  After my wife started working in her chosen field she was offered a promotion but had to move to Santa Fe.  I put a large down payment on a new house in Santa Fe so she wouldn't have to travel 120 per day.  After she settled  in, she told me she wantes a divorce.  When I asked why? she said it was something she had to do.   That's some thank you after being married for 29 years.   About this time my brother was having hard times financially and was about to loose his house.   In order to help him I maxed out more then 10 Gold credit cards and borrowed $100,000 on my home with the understanding he would make my mortgage payments and the credit card payments.  All toll, I gave him over $250,000.   He made payments for about 2 years and desided that was about enough. After that the total I owed was over $506,000 which I could not pay.    I hocked everything I could and sold assets to keep my stella credit.    When that ran out I filled for bankrupsy.  When I asked him to fullfil his obligations he figured he had paid back enough.     I managed to survive until now by paying everything I could.   Well, I am at my witts end.  The stress has caused me to gain weight and I could not exercise like I used to (I was a marathon runner)    I am 3 monhs behind on my mortgage all credit cards are late, Iowe the IRS $3,000, I'm late on Property taxes and late on utilities and other bills and financial obligations.  I don't have any savings or health insurance and I'm on the verge of  loosing my home of 32 years.  My friends and neighbors help by bringing dinner a few times per week and sending car repair work.   I don't think my heart could take loosing my home and being out on the street.  I still owe over $15,000 plus $121,000 mortgage.   I never asked for help in my life but at 62 I should be enjoying life not worrying how I"m going to find $300 this month for medicine.   If you can help or have suggestions PLEASE let me know.   I sincerely thank you.  Ozzie Martin, 525 Lisbon Ave.,  Rio Rancho NM., 87124. God Bless.                                                                    

47martin 47martin
61-65, M
Mar 9, 2009