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I am a 25 years old wife working in the corporate world. Trying work out a balanace between my work & home. I have a very loving & caring husband. The problem is that he is just so untechnical, not so gadget friendly, unresponsible at times, sometimes acts like a 5 year old kid. I love to pamper him & vice versa but he just annoys me sometimes to the hilt of jumping out of the window!! Last night he did disaster with our washing machine. It just wasted my time at midnight. I kept sulking for rest of the time i was awake. My point is if I can take care of things at home, at work, in the kitchen & in the bathroom.. why can't he tries to make himself a li'l supportive of the things i do. Though he appreciates my efforts but he likes to be left in his own world. Give him the TV& the tea & he'll be just fine! but it annoys me!!! How many times & for how many months will I handle everything alone??? Isnt he equally responsible for the household??? I am badly irritated!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

he should help you...if he cant work...he can at least make yu feel more relax...........m a masseur and my work is to mak people relax if ya wish i can give yu a massage whenever you wanted and wherever you wanted.......privacy security assured.. and dont worry i'm a thorough professional person so you can feel secured from my side too i can give him a massage also at hotel/home anytime anywhere