Caught In a Downwords Trap

well what can i say i sufferd bulimia for 2years maken myself sick n usen laxitives everyday when i was still at school before my friend found out n told my mum who made me see doctor, i then had counsellin n saw a phyciatrist an gradually stopped making my self sick n takin laxitives, although that was 6years ago av had sum relapses over that time. I would never say i am cured of bulimia as i feel it will be something i will battle over they years even if i dont do it again because theres no pill that can take it away. threw counsellin i realised even though i was a dancer who wanted to be thinner this was not the underlinen cause of my bulimia. anything else ud like to know please ask and i will be open n answer any question  

lauder lauder
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2009