Anonymity Still Makes Me Shy...

i am a new member here, only 2 days old...i have tried joining similar communities(although nothing quite like this one)and didn't really feel as welcome or connected..i am still feeling shy here, as that is a natural tendency for me, but i'm working on that ;o), anyhoo, it DOES feel good to be able to journal and read your stories and this will be quite an experience learning to share mine..thanks to you all

pitbullbeauty pitbullbeauty
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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Welcome to EP! :)<br />
It is the best place i have found, too! I have been here for eight weeks now. I am a total EP addict, if I could EP 24/7 I would! It's that great.<br />
Well, check my profile, 'steal' as many groups as you want. A few groups brings up some activity in the lower box on your profile.. if you want to add a group with only one person in it, check who their profile first... it is quiet now as the U.S. is asleep, you'll see more activity in a few hours. ... well enjoy, watch out for the dark side, and good luck! =)