My Husband Hates Me.

That's the gist of it. He tells me how beautiful I am, how lucky he is, he can't live without me, etc. Then when I least expect it his eyes are full of hate and he tells me how worthless I am. My daughter asked me if I could imagine spending another 5 years with him. I don't even want to spend another 5 days with him.  My health sucks from the stress. He hasn't worked a steady job in 5 years. I know that he is feeling down on himself but when someone carries a person the way I have carried him, he should be treating me like a queen. The truth is, and I am now facing it, he hates himself so much that he could never love me. I want out, but he will never let me. He will guilt me into staying with him like he has done so many times before. Why do I continually put myself through this?

angied39 angied39
Mar 14, 2009