"Kind" of New..

Hi everyone!

Just figured I should stop here & give a hello to all you nice peeps.  I've actually been involved here for a week or so & have already posted quite a few stories & comments in this short time.

I guess I am enjoying the "freedom" to post a lot of pent up feelings that have just been waiting to come out for some time now.  Being a bit older does give a person more to blab about I suppose, but also gives me the advantage of hopefully helping any one with their own difficulties.

Hope you all have a great time here & get to connect with some very nice people, like I have already!

(btw, I'm a blabbermouth at times, but I'm also a good "listener" and a sympathetic shoulder if you need one.)

Bright blessings & !







sparkless sparkless
56-60, F
Mar 15, 2009