Help Me!

hello, to anyone who may ever see this, I live in England and I am a twentysomething buddhist.  I've never had a full blown experience of remembering my past and I'm not sure if im losing my marbles or if its real but Ive had 2 flashbacks, one was me as a girl in the 18th century with wringlets and i was only young, maybe 6 or seven opening a white wooden fence.  another was recently, i was in the car with my partner and i had a flashback of us in a car, an old jaguar, i felt it could have been blue and i told my partner and he said, whats on your mind? i mentioned the car, and then he said 'it was blue'. like he knew. im not sure of the connection but i really feel like ive known him from a previous life, we connect so well with past things, we enjoy country walks and grand country houses, animals and life without modern day stresses. but when it comes to the modern world, phones, emails work. it bothers our relationship so much andim just so confused. can anybody help explain??

feelthefaith feelthefaith
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

you may have had amnesia[ you forget the past]