I found this site on google while searching for if there were any depression support groups in my current area.  I'm just starting to figure out how everything works. : /

rencer rencer
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Hello and welcome home,I would like to share with you my short experance here at EP, First I want to tell you that I feel so free here,even thou there has been a few ugly words, but you have the controls,If you don't like something someone says on your stuff you can just dellete them. however remmber this is diffentenly a thinking place,you can reflect on your self or you can reflect on others,,,or you can just reflect on all of it,,,this has been a very real place to share your experances and even unload some of the pain you maybe feeling within your self,,,My main thing is just be your self,,,love and light surround you with everything you need to heal your self for free,,,,mary