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Hi, I am very happy to meet you. My interests include conversation on almost any subject especially 'deep' subjects like the significance of dreams,philosophy and history. Anything but sports since I know less than squat about them. I have been cultivating bonsai trees for about 25 yrs that is one of my passions along with cooking. I look forward to communicating with you soon. Let's be friends.

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seekingom, I certaily am enjoying EP. Let's get aquainted message me or I'll message you.<br />

I agree with you on sports don't care for them either. I like to cook and gardening. You are a good friend to me and I look forward writting to you. GG

Samarai,it's nice meeting you. I have a collection of about one hundred bonsai trees between the ages of three to thirty years. They range in size between twelve inches to forty eight inches tall. I do plan to join a few groups very soon. Thanks for corresponding. Mesquitl

Mary it's nice to meet you. I'll be happy to share my knowledge and experiences with you. There are a lot of misconceptions about what bonsai is. I'll be brief. Bonsai is a practice ,an art. It is a form of sculpture that is inspired by the way in which nature fashions a tree over a period of many ,many years. As such,the art is characterized by a deep reverence for the grace and power of Nature. This is not reflected in the mass market approach where an innumerable number of little rooted cuttings are offered up as representatives of this venerable art. The best way to acquire a bonsai is by buying a suitable nursery plant and transforming it yourself. This costs far less and yields better results provided you possess the requisite gardening skills if you don't then you can acquire these too. Perhaps the most important thing involved is a genuine desire to grow a piece of living art that brings the beauty of nature into your life. By the way bonsai are outdoor plants. Also,they do not do well if you have but one plant. This for a number of reasons. Growing bonsai is really not that difficult. The most important thing is a true taste for the art. Everything else can be learned. I would be delighted to help you if by what I said I did'nt discourage you. Thank you for indulging me. I hope I did'nt prattle on for too long after promising to be brief. I can't help it ,I guess. One way or another I hope to correspond with you again. Mesquitl

Great meeting you! So that same Bonsai you have cultivated for 25 years? <br />
Have you tried exploring more "experience" groups? There's a lot of them out there! Just search for all your interests! I was surprised to find some interests that I didn't think anyone else here had.

So tell me about these trees, if someone was to get one what and how is the best way to take care of it,,and oh sorry nice to meet you and welcome home,,,I love this place ,,,and I would love to be your friend love and ligth mary