Been Battling Depression Bad Body Image

I have been depressed since age 14.  My left side of my body didn't seem to grow the same way as my right side.  It wasn't a very obvious defect, but to me it was HORRIBLE.  When i had kids it got better, it still consumed me every day, but I did try to move on, i would be caught up in the mirror forever.  REcenlty, it has gotten worse like when i was a teenager, and I am so PISSED!  I am so sick of being consumed with feeling "odd" not symmetrical, always feel people are looking at my asymmetry.  I hate it.  I feel like my life would have been so much easier and happier if not for this.  I get locked up in the house way too much.  I only usually get out to go to work or store.  I currently do not have my kids with me, they live with their dad, and I am missing them so much.  But I need to get better and love me before I can give them what they need, I guess.  I am hoping to find anyone to talk to, my family doesn't freaking understand and is sick of me talking about it!  So if any of this sounds at least a little familiar or if you just want to help me out, please do!

carolynjustcarolyn carolynjustcarolyn
36-40, F
Mar 24, 2009