Hi Im New

hi everyone new own here already found some really cool people with good advice. I think i might have found the one place where i can escape from the real world.

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thank u tumblindice (((((((hugs)))))

You all are sweethearts! See unfocused, "we" just made new friends! Thanks ya all, this is what I wanted unfocused to see :). Have a great night everyone!!!!!

Welcome!!!!!!! (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

Thank you BOTH very much! I am just happy to be here. And it is so true that there are hero's, sages, fools and villains. I fortunately have run into the hero's and sage's and skipped over the fools and ignored the villains lol. But it is a wonderful place to be :).

thank u sahira and coyotegray

i feel the same way...

Very welcome. I too ran across this site by complete accident and am I ever glad I did. The people here I will never see face to face (dang it) but for the ones that I have made friends with so far I feel just as close as the friends that stand in front of me.

thanks for the warm welcome...and i feel at home already. i've never been on a site like this before, and i'm glad i found it

WELCOME TO EP!!!!! I am still fairly new and I already feel at home. There are a lot of good folks here that will make you laugh, cry and sometimes scratch your head. But all in all it's a wonderful group. Explore this site and see what it has to offer, start commenting and before you know it you'll have a lot of new friends!