Looking For Like Minds

I dont know why I wanted to start blogging.I felt some urge to share my experiences with others.I dont quiet understand it myself.Its not that I'm lonely ,I have friends and family to share with.Its not that I need advice with any life problem or anything.I think I'm looking for people who wish to change their way of looking at life.That there is more to our own reality.People who are searching for the same way of life.A more simpler one.A hoalistic approach to dealing with the other peoples egos as well as my own.I think I'm going through this shift in the mind.Could be because I"m getting older and wiser through  life experiences.I'm looking for like minded to people to bounce ideas from.Learn form other peoples experiences who are also searching for a more spiritual life.I'm not a devote christian or to any religion for that matter.So dont try to convert .I wont go for it.I have my relationship with god and its a very personal one ,my own and nobody elses.

pixitrinket pixitrinket
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I would love to have conversation with you,,,you seem very grounded,,,and that is a good thing I would be most interested in the bouncing of ideas,,,and learning more about ego,welcome home,,,and feel free to have a cup of tea or what ever you might like drink,,,lets chat,,,love and light mary

Good morning. So you are getting older and wiser through your life's experiences. When you stop doing that, it's time to pack it in. Understanding yourself is all part of it, and that will come. Keep your attitude and things will only get better as your life goes on.