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i am a 13yr old girl and ilive in england. i live with my mom and her bf stays over at our house sometimes. me and mom get on ok but it would be cool if she treeted me like my own age most of the time she goes on as if i was a lot younger and makes all the desisions for me. every time she has a bf i have to call him dad insted of his proper name and do what he says i have loads of friends but mom tells me who to play with and bans me from playing with some of my friends. i can go out when i want as long as i tell her where i have been and what i have done. i think she worrys to much that i might get into truble but i wont do anything that is wrong she knows that. anyway as long as mom dont know i can play with anyone.

thank you for reeding my story       Kerry

kerry12 kerry12
Mar 28, 2009