My Spouse and My In-laws...

I am new here... I am looking for people to connect with that just might be going through some of the things I am...I am currently separated and have had a very hard time with my in-laws, oh let me see... Well for the whole entire time I've known my husband... Well really the problem is more with guessed it his mother... We have 2 kids together which makes things harder and I also have 2 teenage daughters that aren't his that my mother in-law told me that it would be better if they weren't here... Then she says my marriage would be better... Anyways that's the short So if anyone is out there that has maybe similar problems then I'd love to hear them...

SweetAngel7 SweetAngel7
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1 Response Apr 30, 2009

I don't have kids yet and have been married for just 2 years. But my mom-in-law is a pain. Her son abuses her (well verbally) and me (verbal and physical) but instead of defending me and supporting me when I confront him, she just supports him!! What a ****<br />
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Her son doesn't deserve her. He's called her things I would never even imagine using for another human being. But she still supports him and tells me I should be sorry for confronting him!! What the f***. What are we living in the 16th century???