Newbie Here!!

hello people.. im AJ.. i just joined the site last night..

I'm a navy wife and that's how i got into this site.. im getting kinda depress and tryin to find people to talk to and share things with some other navy wives that's in here.. hope to hear something from you guys!

im also looking forward to talk to everyone in here..i can pretty much talk about anything or those things i know and share it with people or just sit and listen.. i do both.. a talker and a listener..

well that's all i can say for now.. its a pleasure to be a part of this site!!

ajmaserhae ajmaserhae
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 30, 2009

I'm a navy wife here on Guam. and looking for friends here. I'm filipino and I grew up on Guam. I enjoy the outdoors, art, dancing, cooking, and singing. I'm also into fashion. Hope to hear from you soon. <br />
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