I Cant Handle It

Im sick and tired of letting everyone around me down! i do nothing but drag people down and hurt them! I just lost my GF of two yrs and she said she does not want me in her life anymore! i feel as if my family has given up on me for good! i have never been this close to giving up on life! i cant think of one good reason to stick around! people say well look how you would hurt your family and friends if you take your own life and i say back im already causing pain and hurting them already

ballercat23 ballercat23
2 Responses Aug 11, 2009

As dark as it may seem as as hopeless as life may feel there are people out there who love you I know it's not easy I fight depression on a daily basis find some one top talk top things don't always end how we would like them to some times we have to must live one day at a time some days will be better than others but those close trip you still love you just slow down find a person you trust and talk to them

i tink you should stop watevr u r doin that upsets peopl so much, there has got to be sumtin u r doin that dey dont like...i am sure its not that hard 2 just... change.. right?