My Jesus

hello but in my small island we used to say <bonjour> my story is a real and true one .i am a son of a catholics priest ,who i love very much .now he is still a priest . we share lots of joke on the phone .he is and old man of 84 now .he left my island when i was 9 years old .then after 30 years i new where he was , i been there . just to know him to talk him to share everything that a father must gave to his son <love > .but to my great surprise there was a great gap .frustration . but now i love this man very deep in my heart <because forgiveness take place >i can say nothing is impossible to my jesus . when you forgive to someone it brings joy and peace to your heart .i am not a good english writter .iwant to used my heart to write this story . my mum leave in france , she left me when i was 11 ; my dad who is now in reunion island and me i stay in a very beautiful island call <mauritius> hope to chat again . god bless bye bye

alanlouis alanlouis
1 Response Sep 21, 2009

I was brought up a catholic, went to a catholic school, catholic church. I was terrified to do anything wrong incase I burned in eternal hell forever! What a load of SH.T! How dare your father call himself a priest, he is nothing but a hypocrite, preaches one thing and does another..If he loved you that much, he would have left the church and devoted his time to being a father to you. Dont put this man on a pedestal , hes lived a lie all his life , instead, , concentrate on YOU as hes just not worth bothering with.And yes it is good to forgive if you feel that it will make you happier, but it wont change anything. I hate the catholic church with such a vengence, the abuse that has been hidden and covered up just makes me sick. Good luck to you.