All Alone

I don't know how to explain this I am in a bad marriage. My family lives in texas & I live in Oklahoma. When I did talk to them about my marriage they say nothing to him it's all about me not pushing him. I push him to do something with himself. He's VERY lazy. I am stressed out to the max from my unhealthy relationship with him, my sister tells me she doesn't want to hear about it. (But, I better answer the phone when she wants to cry about her's). My mother n law doesn't understand why I think she hates me but, she hears her son threaten to kill me today & sends him home where I am & tells him to get the chainsaw out & trim up the trees. I did not feel comfortable listening to the man who threatened to kill me today play with a chain saw. When I called her to ask why she did this her answer was bc he lives here also. Then of course he got on the phone and told me not nicely to not talk to his family on the phone to talk to my own. So this is why I feel all alone.

fruggskiss fruggskiss
31-35, F
Sep 27, 2009