Creating a Simension Human Being

I have this idea about CREATING a software/virtual human being called a SIMENSIONAL comp-person, where the virtual human being accepts the experiences/dreams/energy into an IMMORTAL replication of the REAL human being....for e.g. if BILL GATES or NELSON MANDELA are going to die,,, but we want to preserve their VOICE, THOUGHT ENERGY, etc... we create this SIMENSIONAL compu-person that stores all or as many we can feed into this simensional unit so that when the REAL one EXPIRES , we have a compu-person of that ENTITY......

date: 2nd oct 2009 1.05 am tanzanian standard time

simension simension
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2 Responses Oct 1, 2009

Well, what else are we going to do if we're all taught to be afraid of our neighbours. Sit inside and talk to people on line, or a software products that makes us feel connected. Sad, really, when Farmville is all I have in my life.

Interesting idea.