My Wife Wants me to Drink Her Pee

 One year has been passed to our marrige,and everynight it used to be happen that she used to go to toilet with me n after her **** i alwys used to wash her pee night she refused to go toilet because she was very tired she asked me that she want to pee but not in the toilet,i inquired where you want to pee,she said that i want to pee in glass and dont want to go in washroom ,i should hold a glass for her.i did so and put a glass right front of her ***** ,she peed in the glass and also some on my hand,after that i placed that pee in toilet ,this practice coutinued for 2 night she refused to pee in glass,i again asked what happend this time she said i dont want to pee in glass any more but want to pee in your mouth,this was shocking news for me but she insisted and after some hesitation i agreed and opend my mouth ,she sat on my mouth and started peeing in my mouth,after her first stream my mouth was filled i tried to pour that pee in glass but she asked me to drink it so i did  so,nd drank her pee for 1mins.

wen she finished ,she rubbed her pee hole on my complete face,i started liking her as she likes it v much.after that it was daily practice to drink my wife pee and 2years have been passed to i cant live without her ****,she love to give me and i love to drink.and i ve never drink such a tasty drink as my my wife use to give me daily.should i go for her pee anymore are not?

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I drink my gf pee every day its such tasty drink u r lucky

it is not good for you

dont stop drinking ur wife **** let me help u drink ur wife **** dont let she felt bad just tel her to **** all her **** evertime she want to **** in ur mouth

You are one hell of a lucky man:)

Wow really nice. You are really very lucky.

I see a lot of answers from men who like to drink the water that their wife drank before, but less comments from woman who like to give their pee.

On my side I did it some times. Taking care of her sex with my tongue, I told her that I was really impressed by the quntity of juice she was producing and that it was good and exciting. I asked her to let her go. She did. She was embarrassed while doubting if it was not some pee that she gave to me. I told her it was just delicious and even if it was, I wanted more !

Now sometime she agrees to drink a lot of water and later on to sit over my mouth and give it back to me.

I love it also very much !!

Didn't realize the big "O" couldn't be said. What I meant was some of my wife's pee came out when she was having her big O in my mouth. And it was great. I almost busted from the taste.

I've been wanting to drink pee since I was a teen. 35 now. Only shot my own into mouth a little in shower couple times. I've eaten my wife out right after she peed and it turned me on a lot. She didn't want me going down but I told her I wanted to make sure she was wet for sex. But really I just wanted to taste her pee. Then once she peed a little with her ****** in my mouth and it was awesome. Like warm honey. Just haven't gotten the nerve to ask her to straight up pee in my mouth. I just sneak it when I can.

drinking urine - male or female, has been a practise of mine for 30 plus years, and when my wife is asleep and I fancy a drink of urine I drink my own! I do a backwatd roll and aim my pee into my mouth and I'm satisfied! I prefer other peoples pee, but in an emergency mine will do! My wife's pee tastes like champagne!

I drink my wife's urine daily. Monthly once she **** my face. Super taste. I am very very lucky


That is so hot - I fantasize of girls peeing in my mouth

I would LOVE to drink my wifes ****! That would be a HUGE turn on for me!!!

what a wonderful story i can only wish my wife was like yours as I would like to drink all her pee

I badly want for my wife to pee mi my mouth,,,I want to taste her and drink her in...she will not

U lucky man. I practically beg my wife to pods in my face or at least let me lick her clean after she pees, but to no avail. I'd suck that down every chance I got if I were u.

i have been with quite a few girls and all but 2 of them have peed in my even said she really liked doing it in the morning as then she could stay in bed tastes the best in the morning. mmm drinking her pee straight from her *****.

Alex, that has always been my fantasy; ladies should never have to get out of bed early...

I've had my wifes pee many times. It's been a long time now, and after reading this story I remember how much I miss it.

Oh, you are a lucky, lucky man...

this is not gross! it is beautiful! keep on drinking, your are a lucky guy!

i drank my wifes pee for many years. she didnt really enjoy it but she new i loved it.some weekends i would drink all her pee and even when we went out i would get her to pee in my glass in the toilets if nobody noticed.drink it all and love it