Thirst For Guidance

Hello everyone =]

First of all, I know this is sort of long. But I would really appreciate you reading this, and possibly helping me =]

I am nearly 18 years old, and am just starting on my journey towards spiritual enlightenment. My life as of late has not been the greatest. I have grown up in the same place, with the same people, for my whole life. Up until a few months ago when I attended Health and Harmony festival in my hometown, I never really knew who I was. I was confused, depressed, had no self confidence, and really just hated everything about myself. Then I attended the festival, and learned so much. I feel like I completely found who I was. I realized what I really want in life. I know what my morals, ideals, and goals are. What I really want in my life is complete spiritual enlightenment. I want to learn to be peaceful towards myself and towards others. I want to learn to pray, meditate, and be totally in tune with my higher power. (Mind you, I am just starting and I don't really know what that higher power is.) I am honestly just looking for encouragement and guidance. I want to meet others who are starting their journey, so I can swap stories and ideas. I want to meet others who are far down the road, and can sort of lead me, since I don't really know what I am doing. I crave this. I want it more than I want anything else on this planet. I just need to get a kickstart.

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teach me please =[

Hi there welcome!<br />
<br />
Good news,you are on the adventure of a lifetime!<br />
Seriously so happy to hear when young people start trying to figure it out.<br />
I have had many huge spiritual breakthroughs in my life and am heading towards another right now.<br />
msg and we can talk if you like.<br />
You will see by the pic i am a young mom and grandma.<br />
open minded enough to where my childrens friends would often talk to me as they were afraid of what their parents would think of their ideas.<br />
I would like to know more of what you heard at the event that effected you!<br />
have a great day C