Heyy All!

Hi everyone after lurking for a bit on EP I finally decided to be an active member! yay me! I guess that's one goal I already have crossed off on my VERY long list. Where to begin...Well I'm quite young (18) and will be off to college next year. I've had many emotional trips all throughout my life but don't like to express my feeling too much. Long story short, my mother was a drug addict and wasn't really "fit" to have kids. So when I was four I went to live with my dad and his girlfriend. His girlfriend at that time wasn't really "friendly" and would abuse me physically as well as mentally. Needless to say my dad stayed with her until I was about eight or so (but off and on).

However during that time my dad developed severe alcoholic and anger management problems. I went to live with my grandparents as a result of neglect. This of course didn't last long because they were also taking care of my half sister..who really listened. When I was going into middle school I moved back with my dad. His problems were more severe than ever. But as you can see I got threw them and am looking forward to the day when I can leave this place. I already made arrangements to stay with my uncle in San Fran. for a bit while my friend and I get settled. San Fran is a very long haul however because I live over on the east coast...

I believe I'm far from perfect but very mature. I have depression, anxiety, and am a hypochondriac. Despite  this I am a very fun loving person. I love going to the movies, classic rock, and family gatherings. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I can be a very jealous person. I'm not too sure about my sexual orientation and don't judge anyone.

Looking for some 'friends' on this site. So if anyone wants to add or chat feel free.


oopie67 oopie67
22-25, F
Nov 30, 2009